Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Visited Web Sites

This is a comment on two web sites that I visited namely, and
Is a client-friendly web site. By the time the client/customer login in their web site, the first thing that you will notice a dialog box that ask you "What are you looking for?". I like it because as a prospective buyer, it saves me time and can easily purchase the product that i'm looking for. I like appearance of their web because it is neat and doesn't have too many pictures. The only thing that has to be improved in this website is the layout. Although it only has a few number of pictures in its page, they should arrange it symetrically.
This website is all about filipino musicians like singers, bands and local artists. It has a lot of contents pleasing to those who loves music. The only thing I noticed in its web is that its overcrowded. It has a lot of small pictures and small fonts that makes it not pleasing to the eye. I had a hard time reading because of small fonts.
The appearance of thier web site is appealing to my eye. They say that white color background of web is boring and lazy but except this site. I like the color combination of white and orange. They only put few pictures but its worth it because website loading is fast.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Experienced in I.T. Training

It was a regular working day and I was doing my regular job collecting loan payments to our member. At the end o f the day, I was surprised when the General Manager of our coop called me to report to his office. I felt nervous because I knew I did nothing wrong related to my job.
When I was in his office the feeling of nervousness suddenly disappeared because I felt that there is something good going to happen to me. The General Manager said to me "prepare your things next week because you will going to Manila for a training." I felt excited and surprise because it will be my first time to go to Manila (and my first time to ride on an airplane). When I arrived in Manila particularly at Natcco, there I met my co-participants. They are all friendly and intelligent persons. Almost two months has passed, I learned so many things here. Not only that I am now a profecient computer user both in hardware and software but also the training change me to be a better man.

One thing I missed most during my training is my family. I missed my children especially my new born son.

Today, our last course is about blogging. I've learned that this course is very interesting because I can make money just by sharing my ideas to the world.